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Dean of students department is responsible for the welfare of the students at Makerere University Business School. The welfare services provided aim at supporting the academic goals of the students, stimulate social, leadership and personal development of the students.

In conformity with the school’s policies, rules and regulations, the department also advocates for the the rights of the students by liaising with Students’ leadership, School Management and Administration.

  • The office has a desk that caters for government sponsored students.

    The students who are admitted on government sponsorship are entitled to living out allowance of 708,750(Seven hundred Eight Thousand and 50 shillings) per semester. this caters for students’ food and accommodation throughout the semester.

  • There is a desk for persons with special needs.

    Students who are admitted on disability scheme are entitled to a disability allowance to cater for their medication and a living out allowance per semester.

    They are given persons to help them out were required and recommended for extra time during exams.

  • There is a desk for student Associations.

    There are associations and clubs which are legally accepted to exist in the University and recognized by the dean of student’s office and these include: Academic Associations ,Cultural Associations, and Clubs.

    The Dean of Students’ department is responsible for organizing the fresher’s welcome party for first year students Annually.

    The department has Five(5) sections which are tasked with different activities to stimulate student’s welfare in the she school. these are as follows;

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The section is tasked to plan and manage students’ personal and inter-personal relations, give support and guidance to students who are accedemically challenged through coordinates the activities of the students’ Academic and cultural Associations in the school.

All international students and students who are interested to participate in both cultural and academic are advised to register with this section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Dean of students’ frequently asked questions in the Deans office;

Are there halls of residence in MUBs?

MUBS has only one hall of residence(Berlin hall) and it only accomodates a few female students. The rest of the studentsare non-residents.


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Does the school provide meals for the students?

Yes, However meals are provided to only government sponsored students and privately sponsored students who are residents(Girls). Government sponsored students who are non-residents are only entitled to lunch while the resident access all meals. A living out Allowance that is given to the non-resident caters for the other meals. A living out Allowance that is given to the non-resident students caters for the other meals not provided by the schools as well as accommodation.

What are the different co-curricular activities in MUBs?

There are various co-curricular activities that are organized by the different units of the University. However, the co-curricular activities specifically organised by the Dean of students:

Sports and games which are cordinated by the sports office

The cultural gallanwhich is coordinated bty the Student’s Guild.

What are the benefits Government sponsored non-resident students?

Government sponsored students are only entitled to lunch(on presentation of a meal card issued by the DOS), and living out allowance to cater for supper and accomodation.

Why do Government sponsored students fill living out allowance forms every semester?

The living out Allowance forms have to be filled every semester for accountability purposes. We cannot pay living out allowance based on numbers. Students must first register with the School’s Register’s department and issued with with Registration cards as evidence of theirs status.

Can Government Sponsored students who do not want to eat from the school dinning hall be given an allowance that is equivalent to the lucnch served?

A refund for missed meals is not possible. Meals are prepared for the entitled students and since they are expected to be at campus when meals are served, no refunds expected.


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What is the criteria for getting accommodated in berlin Hall?

There is Sub-commmittee of Managment called the Room Allocation Committeee that sits to consider the applications for accommodation. The applications are recieved by the Dean of Students Office which present the list of applications to the Room Allocation is based on the first come first serve basis.

How much money does Government give non-residents students?

Government nonresident students are paid 398,500/= per Semester as LOA. Since it is paid every semester as LOA. Since it is paid every semester, students are required to apply for it every semester. this means that if you donot apply for it, then you don’t get it.

Can any student pay for meals to Deans of students?

No. Meals are only prpared for the students who are entitled such as the rsidents and non-resident Government Sponsored students.

Can livivng out Allowance be got immediatly government students for studies?

N0. students must first register before getting the LOA.

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Real-life Strategy to Reach Your Goals.

Real-life strategy to reach your goals.

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