The Department support students and encourage them to engage in leadership at the University. The school organize a free and fair elections for different guild positions. Year one are encouraged to engage in chief fresher’s elections.

“You cannot change your future, but you can change your habits, and surely your habits will change your future.”

The school organizes leadership training to develop student’s leadership skills and give communication allowances students’ leaders.

The department ensures that there is a good relationship between students and managment and this is done through students’ leader-ship

The school facilitates students leader to travel for a benchmark visits for Guild leaders within and Outside the country annually.

The Role of a Guild President

Leadership: The Guild president serves as the primary leader of the student body within the guild or student union. They are responsible for providing direction, guidance, and inspiration to fellow students.

Representation: As the elected representative of the student body, the Guild president advocates for the interests and concerns of students to the school administration, faculty, and external stakeholders.

Communication: Effective communication is key for a Guild president. They must convey information to students regarding important issues, events, and initiatives, as well as gather feedback and input from their peers.

Event Planning and Coordination: The Guild president oversees the planning and execution of various events and activities for the student body, including social gatherings, fundraisers, community service projects, and cultural celebrations.

Collaboration: Collaboration with other student leaders, clubs, organizations, and school officials is essential for the Guild president to effectively represent the diverse interests of the student body and achieve common goals.

Problem-solving: The Guild president addresses challenges and conflicts that arise within the student body, working to find constructive solutions and promote unity and harmony among students.

Student Welfare: A key responsibility of the Guild president is to ensure the well-being and welfare of students. This may involve advocating for improvements to campus facilities, student services, and policies that affect student life.

Role Model: The Guild president serves as a role model for their peers, demonstrating integrity, responsibility, and commitment to serving the student community.

Empowerment: The Guild president empowers fellow students to become actively engaged in campus life, leadership opportunities, and initiatives that contribute to the overall student experience.

Legacy and Succession Planning: The Guild president works to leave a positive legacy by implementing initiatives that benefit current and future students, as well as facilitating a smooth transition for the next generation of student leaders.

Overall, the role of a Guild president is multifaceted and requires strong leadership, communication, collaboration, and advocacy skills to effectively represent and serve the student body.


In conclusion, the role of the Guild is paramount in fostering a thriving and inclusive campus community. Through effective leadership, representation, and collaboration, the Guild serves as the voice of the student body, advocating for their interests and promoting their welfare. By organizing meaningful events, initiatives, and services, the Guild enhances the student experience and contributes to a vibrant campus culture. As a catalyst for positive change and student empowerment, the Guild leaves a lasting legacy, shaping the campus community and nurturing future leaders. Ultimately, the Guild plays a vital role in creating a dynamic and supportive environment where students can flourish academically, socially, and personally.