Dean of students department is responsible for the welfare of the of the students at Makerere University Business School. the welfare services provided aim at supporting the academic goals of students, stimulate social, leadership and personal development of the students.

“Success is the sum of all efforts, repeated day-in & day out.”

The department coordinates with the Faculties , academic department and administrative /offices in the school in in the day to day managment of Student affairs.

In conformity with the School’s policies, rules and regulations the department also advocatesfor the rights of the students by liaising with students’ leadership School Managment and Administrattive

The office has a desk that caters government sponsored students.

The students who are admitted on government sponsorship are on government sponsorship are entitled to living out allowance of 708,750 (seven hundred eight thousand seven hundred and fifty shillings only) per semester. This money caters for accomodation throughout the semester

There is a desk for persons with special needs

Students who are admitted on disability scheme are entitled to a disability allowance to cater for their medication and a living out allowance wance per semester.

They are given persons to help them out were required and recomended for extra time during exams.

There is a desk for student associations

There are associations and clubs which are legally accepted to exist in the University and recognized by the Dean of student’s office and these include; Academic Associations, Cultural Associations and Clubs

The Dean of Students’ department is resposnsible for organising the fresher’s welcome party for the first year students annually.

The department has Five(5) sections which are tasked different activities to stimulate students’ welfare in the school. These are as follow;